Landscape - NaderElassy


  • Arnarstapi and Northern Lights

  • Svartifoss And Ice

  • Vestrahorn in Twilight

  • Star Trails and the Rocks

  • The Desert Rocks and Stars

  • Alone In The Desrert

    A person walking alone In The White Desrert, Egypt.

  • In the Field

    The green fields of Tunis Village in Fayuom, Egypt.

  • The Valley

    The Valley and The Magic Lake in the morning. Wadi Al Rayan in Fayoum, Egypt.

  • Desert Formations

    Rock formations in the Whales Valley (Wadi Hitan) in Fayoum, Egypt.

  • Morning Calmness

    Calmness at the Qarun Lake side in the morning

  • The Magic Lake

    The Magic Lake in the morning. Breathtaking view in Wadi Al Rayan in Fayoum, Egypt.

  • On Fire

    Capturing the sunset tones on Zowara Eco Lodge in Wadi Al Rayan Protectorat, Fayoum, Egypt.

  • Waiting Boat

    Waiting Boats on the side of Wadi Al Rayan lake.

  • Day and Night

    Early morning lights while night stars were still visible. Zowara Eco Lodge in Fayoum, Egypt

  • Ghosts into the Desert

    A group of visitors walking into the Desert through Wadi Hitan in Fayoum, Egypt.

  • Sunset Dream